Sweet pumpkin – Grandma’s recipe

A simple and gratifying sweet dish that looks great and is very easy to make. Lay out on a flat serving dish and bring to the table.
It ‘so simple, colorful and succulent, is a really good snack, full of fiber and other valuable elements to our health. My children love it and love to bring the pumpkin to school, to eat with a spoon , like the most delicious candy!



About Chef

Antonia Karova

Name: Antonia Karova. Born in Bulgaria on 08.15.1978. Education: Degree in History of Art and Desing. Passion: The Healthy Gurme kitchen. In the life: mother of triplets girls and a boy. Ambition: To give an alternative to all the snacks and unhealthy, not a ban but the opportunity to enjoy tasty things in a healthy way in a happy family!