Pea soup, bulgur and potatoes

Today, I’d like to present you a recipe for a tasty, yet light main dish, made with peas, bulgur and potatoes.
This dish is light, delicate and tasty, which makes it suitable for the summer. Pulses are rich in protein but lack some essential amino acids (such as sulfuric acids, and more specifically, methionine).Good news is, cereals are rich in precisely these sulfuric amino acids,therefore, pulses and wholegrain cereals consumed together (preferably in the same meal, but not necessarily) provide a quantity and quality of protein comparable to those contained in meat (and with many more benefits).This also explains why nowadays, in almost all international congresses desicated to nutrition,”well-planned” vegetarian diet is officially considered as complete.
This recipe was created with my children, as a result of all of us having different suggestions for lunch one day,and if I may say, a rather successful result.


About Chef

Antonia Karova

Name: Antonia Karova. Born in Bulgaria on 08.15.1978. Education: Degree in History of Art and Desing. Passion: The Healthy Gurme kitchen. In the life: mother of triplets girls and a boy. Ambition: To give an alternative to all the snacks and unhealthy, not a ban but the opportunity to enjoy tasty things in a healthy way in a happy family!

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