Kofta peas and amaranth (shashlik)

Amaranth is one of the oldest cereals; some archaeological finds of the tribal people of Central America show that amaranth, together with maize, were the main source of food for the survival of these peoples.
Amaranth is rich in protein, and 16% who are of particular importance because, unlike other cereals contain almost twice as much lysine, an essential amino acid that is lacking in others. It is also a good source of fiber and 100 grams amaranth can fill up to 33% of the demand for calcium and 63% of the needs of iron for a human. The best combination of amaranth is with vegetables and legumes.
Here is a very original recipe:


About Chef

Antonia Karova

Nome: Antonia Karova. Nata in Bulgaria il 15/08/1978. Istruzione: Laurea in Storia dell'Arte e Disegno. Passione: La cucina sana gurme. Nella vita: madre di tre gemelle femmine e un maschio. Ambizione: Dare un’alternativa a tutti gli snack del supermercato, non un divieto ma la possibilità di godersi cose gustose in modo sano in una famiglia felice!

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