Gelato alla stracciatella without ice cream maker

“Gelato alla stracciatella” is one of the most beloved of children and adults ice- cream made with cream, chocolate and vanilla, but of course this is my option, which is incredibly tasty and easy to prepare at home, and it is very useful. So, the children and we can surrender to this pleasure without thinking about how the sugar will affect our health or silhouette!


About Chef

Antonia Karova

Name: Antonia Karova. Born in Bulgaria on 08.15.1978. Education: Degree in History of Art and Desing. Passion: The Healthy Gurme kitchen. In the life: mother of triplets girls and a boy. Ambition: To give an alternative to all the snacks and unhealthy, not a ban but the opportunity to enjoy tasty things in a healthy way in a happy family!

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