Carrot burger

Carrots are known to be very healthy.Thanks to their beta carotene content,along with other carotenoids,they are considered one of the best foods which may prevent cancer.They have antioxidant properties while also supporting the immune system and slowing down the ageing process.Beta-carotene is resistant to heat and will not go lost after a quck cooking process.Moreover,when cooking vegetables their cellular tissue softens which makes them easier to digest therefore the valuable substances they contain become easier to asimilate,co oking actually increases the level of absorption of beta-carotene,as long as we don’t overcook them.
This little recipe will win over everyone with its significant yet invisible vegetable content.


About Chef

Antonia Karova

Nome: Antonia Karova. Nata in Bulgaria il 15/08/1978. Istruzione: Laurea in Storia dell'Arte e Disegno. Passione: La cucina sana gurme. Nella vita: madre di tre gemelle femmine e un maschio. Ambizione: Dare un’alternativa a tutti gli snack del supermercato, non un divieto ma la possibilità di godersi cose gustose in modo sano in una famiglia felice!

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