Bulgur, quinoa and vegetables

Quinoa originates from South America and is often mistaken for a cereal due to its high starch content, whereas it is instead related to species such as spinach. It is referred to as “pseudo-cereal” and thanks to its characteristics, it is a valuable alternative of cereals. It is very high in proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre, while also containing two amino acids essential for the good functioning of the body: lysine and methionine, which supports the metabolism of insulin.
Bulgur is a cereal based product originating from Turkey. It is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.
Since the cooking process eliminates all those important properties, I have decided to create a variety of raw dishes to enjoy while also making the most of all their benefits.
For four servings/persons



About Chef

Antonia Karova

Nome: Antonia Karova. Nata in Bulgaria il 15/08/1978. Istruzione: Laurea in Storia dell'Arte e Disegno. Passione: La cucina sana gurme. Nella vita: madre di tre gemelle femmine e un maschio. Ambizione: Dare un’alternativa a tutti gli snack del supermercato, non un divieto ma la possibilità di godersi cose gustose in modo sano in una famiglia felice!

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