Welcome to Tony’s Happy Kitchen!
This is a blog about healthy, exquisite, beautiful and simple food.
Fine vegetarian cuisine striving to find the natural balance between health, convenience and pleasure.
I’m Antonia – a happy vegan, an amateur photographer in love with the mountains, the sea and yoga. Most of my recipes are original but inspired by and based on traditional Italian and Bulgarian cuisines. Naturally, the recipes are vegan, and I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil specifically designed to be used in its raw state, raw nuts, wholegrain flours, dry and fresh fruits, natural and fruit only based comfitures (jams), a huge variety of pulses and vegetables, while, at the same time and whenever possible, I try to reduce frying and the use of extracted fats to a minimum, and avoid using salt and processed ingredients, white flour, white rice, sugar, and margarine. If you must cook with oil, it is best to replace it with coconut oil, which is resistant to heat, without changing its structure.
I have four small children, to whom I prefer to give alternatives to all the “temptations” the supermarkets offer, rather than “banning” them, so everything is tasty and healthy. This kitchen is a favourite of all my friends and family, and I hope to help you in creating your own masterpieces, and of course, all tips, comments and suggestions are always very welcome.


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